Beskidzkie Stuffed Sticks

Beskidzkie Stuffed Sticks – a completely new version of Sticks. Even now, our customers can enjoy the taste of our traditional sticks combined with two different fillings: nut and caramel. It’s a great alternative for people who like to taste something sweet alternate with crunching salty snacks. In contrast to compilation of packagings, Beskidzkie Stuffed Sticks are available in unique green packs with a weight of 100g.

We are a Business Leader of Western Małopolska

The second Entrepreneurship Gala organized by the Business Centre of Western Małopolska (CBMZ) took place on the 22nd November 2013. Entrepreneurs contributing to economic development of the Western Małopolska region were distinguished during that event. We are happy to inform that in the “Large Enterprises” category our company was awarded with two statuettes: The Western Małopolska Leader (Lider Małopolski Zachodniej) and Business Eagle (Orzeł Biznesu). Thank you for the distinction.