The Aksam company was established in 1993, and since that time it has remained a Polish company run by just one family. Its story began with the launch of the Beskidzkie Sticks; for many years the sticks have been an indisputable leader in the traditional market, and year after year they have been reinforcing their position in Poland.

Nowadays, Beskidzkie is the greatest Polish label of salty snacks, including, among others: sticks, crackers, crisps, nuts and popcorn. Moreover, we export our products to foreign markets: mainly to Eastern European markets, English and German markets, to the USA and South Africa. Every year, the export of the Beskidzkie products increases by several dozen per cent.

In 2009, the owner of Aksam became the majority shareholder of Slow Chips – the biggest crisp producer in Slovakia. The year 2012 was the year of the launch of a new branch – Aksam Logistics. Specialising in food transport, the branch deals with domestic and international forwarding services.

Our constant development is determined by the highest quality of our products and services, innovative approach, people-related policy and treating our customers’ satisfaction as the highest priority.

We are a reliable business partner. Our experience and expertise are highly recognised by the companies that co-operate with us. Our recipe is simple: we constantly strive for perfection.